Thesis theme removing borders

Thesis theme removing borders, There isn't a format option for images, so i can't remove the border that way (formatworkbook theme) edit/remove border around an image object.

Microsoft word makes it easy to insert and remove a border or a dividing line in your document how to remove a border from a word document. Well, it's been 2 months since thesis 20 theme is dropped thesis 20 is a robust drag & drop theme framework that comes with a nice set of features. Continue reading removing all table borders to remove the border of use the search box below to search for your answer and also check out theme. Thesis theme tutorial describes about adding different background colors and border to the thesis wordpress site to make our site beautiful and colorful this will. Does thesis theme live up to all the hype before you buy thesis theme for wordpress make sure you read this honest review. I know it has been asked before, but i have not found a solution please help me in how to remove the border from my images in both: http://gindrupdk/citchcatch/p=15.

Seo » wordpress » thesis theme » add rounded corners to thesis’ menu / all 4 corners / -moz-border-radius / each individual / remove the border from. Change or remove a border on a text box under drawing tools, on the format tab, in the shape styles group, click shape outline, and under theme colors. Educational authorities cannot remove all the cheat them out and across national borders, we could clone of main idea theme thesis these. I have seen so many people asking about how to remove the borders around the the posts and main content from the suffusion theme but for some reason nobody wants to.

Thesis theme remove only you the option of scheduling only one aspect of technology in the major messages from musicians without borders started almost years ago. It is very easy to remove the interior layout borders in wordpress if you are using the thesis theme all it takes is a couple clicks in the thesis design options and. This site contains all the thesis theme tips you need ≡ menu let’s do some more change to our menu by removing the border around the menu items and then.

As of gravity forms version 15, we've decided to remove the theis theme-specific css rules from the default formscss file we're keeping a few rules geared towards. Build your own business website thesis theme 2 seminars thesis 23 for diy website builders remove borders from all pages in thesis classic using custom css.

  • Remove image borders i’ve seen a few posts about how to remove these border you’ll lose the modifications you’ve done to the theme on theme update.
  • I am working on a website, http://wwwochoallccom one thing i have not been able to make happen is removing the borders from the images on the home page.
  • This thesis video tutorials covers 4 tips – how to remove default widget in thesis theme, remove default multimedia box in thesis sidebar, we can remove subscribe.
  • Hello, i found a post on how to do this for sparkling, but it doesn't seem to work for travelify can anyone let me know how i can remove the outline and border.

Can someone help me to make this border / bold shadow on thesis theme (see my attachment) note: like matt cuts's blog http://wwwmattcuttscom/blog.

Thesis theme removing borders
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